The Core Client for NCEI Solutions

The Core Client for NCEI SolutionsNCEI is a service intensive organization that optimizes the value of medical findings in ways other providers simply don’t. Our solutions are designed for clients that are seeking the production, analysis and deployment of medical information in a manner that adds efficiency and cost saving value.

We are looking for insurance carriers, TPA’s, law firms and Risk Management departments that value and are seeking:

  • Better use of medical information to reduce claim costs and increase efficiencies
  • Utilization of medical information to reduce fraud and it associated costs
  • Empowering claim adjusters and other professionals to utilize medical information more effectively
  • A dedicated service team to facilitate every step of the IME, Peer & Film Review process
  • A value added solution without value added pricing

If you value any of the solution components above, you should explore the NCEI Solutions further!