IME’s: Independent Medical Examinations

IME’s: Independent Medical ExaminationsNCEI provides a comprehensive range of independent medical examinations including but not limited to: No Fault, Worker’s Comp, Liability Exams, Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCE’s), Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), Vocational Rehab, Surgical Opinion, Partial Permanent Disability (PPD), and Fitness for Duty. This list is not comprehensive but suggestive of the range of IME services we provide.

  • All delivery modalities are available including electronic, fax or courier
  • All exams are performed by Board Certified physicians
  • A comprehensive selection of specialties
  • IME appointments are scheduled within 24 hours
  • Confirmations are sent to all parties
  • Reports are submitted in 3-7 business days after exam is completed
  • All reports can be faxed or e-mailed upon request
  • NCEI adheres to all statutory constraints, deadlines and regulations mandated by No Fault, Worker’s Comp and Liability exams

NCEI specializes in customized IME processes and requirements. Our vast experience and adaptability of process make us an excellent resource for clients with unique needs and objectives.

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