Management & Efficiency Reporting

Management & Efficiency Reporting
The IME industry tends to focus on each IME request and process as an isolated event. Unfortunately this denies management of important insights on inefficiency and useful claim patterns. NCEI customizes management reporting portfolios based on a client’s environment, needs and objectives. Some of the standard reports we can provide include:

Referral & Service Response Reporting

  • Referrals submitted by Department
  • Referrals submitted by Adjuster
  • Service Response Time Summary
  • Client Results (Positive vs. Negative IMEs)
  • Daily Scheduled Services

Cost & Performance Analysis

  • Comprehensive IME Summary Analysis
  • Comprehensive Peer Review Summary Analysis
  • IME Claim Cost Impact Assessment
  • Peer Review Claim Cost Impact Assessment
  • Quarterly Claim Cost Impact Summary

NCEI’s customized approach to management reporting provides our clients with dynamic insights into their IME, Peer & Film Review efficiencies and costs. The data provided can also provide insights into the impact of NCEI’s solutions on overall claim resolution and expense.