Litigation Support Advantage


The best IME work product and outcomes result from the marriage of deep medical and legal expertise. NCEI recognizes this reality. In response we’ve made significant investments in the creation of our Litigation Support Department. In order to insure the effectiveness and impact of our Litigation Support Department, NCEI has hired a seasoned litigator to manage it.

Some of the services and solution provided by the Litigation Support Advantage include:

Advice and Counsel on the Role of IME‘s in Litigation Strategy

NCEI helps clients design plans for the use of IME’s in the litigation process on both an organizational and individual case basis. Our Litigation Support Department is uniquely positioned to guide the deployment of IME’s and related solutions with a keen sensitivity to their legal implications and outcomes.

The Litigation Support Advantage

The Litigation Support Advantage is a proprietary process designed to improve the legal utility and effectiveness of the IME request and resultant examiners report.

The IME process is medical in nature and often lacks the focus, content, language, specificity and authoritative support required to make the resulting report and work product as legally competent and effective as it can be. NCEI’s proprietary process solves this serious problem.