Peer Reviews

Peer ReviewsNCEI has an extensive panel of Board Certified physicians who are well versed in providing Peer Reviews in a timely manner. Reports will clearly indicate whether the treatment/testing is medically necessary and causally related. Reports are submitted by the doctors, on the doctor’s letterhead, with the doctor’s signature. All our physicians are licensed in the state in which the claim has occurred.

Our Peer Reviews include:

  • A comprehensive network of physicians that provide Peer Reviews
  • Results submitted in most cases within 72 hours
  • NCEI Service Consultants assist in determining which specialty should be selected
  • When applicable, Peer Reviews are accompanied by pertinent citations
  • Physician testimony can be facilitated when required

In addition to initiating the highest quality individual Peer Reviews, NCEI will also assist you in assessing your usage of peer reviews and its overall impact on costs and efficiencies.

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