Who Is National Claim Evaluations?

“NCEI has been extremely flexible in adapting to our unique needs. You always provide us with the best possible IME’s and Peer Reviews. You guys are great!”
– R.H.

NCEI is a value added provider of IME and related solutions without the high price associated with service intensive boutiques. Founded in 1985, NCEI is a pioneer in the IME industry. As an industry pioneer, NCEI made the decision not to follow the growth path of many of its competitors. Instead of developing into a large inflexible impersonal provider, we chose to develop and occupy a value added position in the marketplace. This positioning has been rewarded by the marketplace. Many clients are seeking a high touch approach to the IME process, in addition to support with using medical data to reduce claim and fraud costs. National Claim Evaluations is designed for and built to serve this client.

A crucial component of the NCEI solution is assisting our clients to more effectively use medical information to reduce claim costs while increasing efficiency.

NCEI is WBE Certified – Certificate MWCER2011-508

Components of NCEI’s Value Added Solution:

  • “Service Extra”
    At NCEI you receive service from Service Consultants that know you and your requirements.
  • Flexibility
    You don’t adjust to the NCEI process. We adjust to your process. That translates into a customized delivery of service!
  • Dynamic Claim Cost Reduction
    NCEI recognizes that optimizing medical information reduces claim costs.
  • Medical Education for Claim Adjusters
    Empowering claims adjusters translates to reduced claim costs and greater efficiencies.

NCEI provides an ideal solution for clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida looking to add service and value to the IME, Peer and film review process. The core NCEI client is looking for a value added solution without high, boutique pricing.